Juggling life short one hip



The hip bones, connected to...well mostly metal now
The hip bones, connected to…well mostly metal now

With Bruce at home recovering from hip replacement surgery, I have developed a new respect for single mothers everywhere. I always knew trying to juggle all the balls that come with working, running a household and children was challenging, but actually doing it is a whole other thing. Kudos and much respect to single parents for keeping their world together.

So here is an update and yes, some payback, with a Day in the Life of Bruce Corcoran While He Recovers from Hip Surgery, with more than too much information. Catchy title, right?

First, for all the kind people who have been enquiring after Bruce, he is progressing nicely despite an allergic reaction to possibly his medication. Dr. Stone is taking care of that as well, and hopefully once the hives and runny eyes (I know, ewwww) are gone, he will be feeling even better.

Second, to all the kind people who have been wishing me well while I act as caregiver while Bruce recovers, thanks for your thoughts and prayers – I will need them to keep my sanity. Although, he has been remarkably mild-mannered (I think the drugs helped with that) and mellow.

Those of you who know Bruce are aware of his two favourite topics; Big Green Egg grilling and his daughter. I can’t go anywhere without someone (many complete strangers) asking me about what he is cooking up and how Brenna’s dance is going. While it was disconcerting at first how much the community knows about our life at home, it also demonstrates how much Chatham is home, and a place that embraces its citizens.

Unable to get too far from his chair yet, Bruce is just starting to get bored with enforced rest. While at the hospital, he was fairly perky and talkative, but once the pain of moving around after major surgery kicked in, he got quiet. Too quiet.

I’m not used to a Bruce who isn’t commenting on stupid pop music (Brenna’s dance tunes), how obnoxious it is for people to park sideways at the grocery store, or how young punks should just pull up their pants. His mini-rants are stuff of legend around the office and for anyone who spends more than a few minutes in his company. It’s what makes him who he is – a guy on the road to being a grumpy old man.

In all fairness, the pain he has endured in his hip the past year would make anyone grumpy. Ask anyone dealing with chronic pain. His rants and complaints had reached epic proportions, mostly funny but sometimes eyebrow-raising.

Now, he asks politely for things, tries to do as much as he can himself until I start nagging him to stop, and has very little to say that is hostile or complaint-like.

Shocking, I know. A part of me will be glad when my grumpy, funny and mostly entertaining husband comes back out to play, but for now, I am enjoying the peace of a quiet and complacent Bruce.

Another week or so, and Bruce should be back in shape enough to write his column again, but for now, I will take advantage of his absence and share his story, TMI included.

I do want to take a moment to answer a question I have been asked more than once. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Johnathan Stone was excellent. He is straightforward and to the point, answers all questions and is taking great care of Bruce. If you’re someone who wants to be coddled by your doctor, he probably isn’t the one for you, but he and his office staff have been nothing but kind and courteous to us.

And finally, to my family – Jane and Connor, Tom and Delynne – thanks for everything you have done to help us out. Connor, you have my undying love and gratitude for taking care of the grass cutting. Really, my most hated chore and not having to do it has been life giving. And my dance family – Jen, Charlene and Tammy – you know how I feel about you and all your support.




  1. Thanks for sharing Mary Beth. I enjoyed reading your article and hopefully, we will see more from you even after "Grumpy" returns to his desk. We wish you a speedy recovery Bruce.


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