Can they do anything right?


Kathleen Wynne

If the cost of admission weren’t so high, it would be almost worth watching the blooper reel that has come to pass for government at Queen’s Park.

Last week unveiled two more episodes of the “can’t they do anything right?” series.

Leading off was the latest kick in the crotch to Ontario electricity consumers via the May 1 increase of 4.6%. The recent pattern indicates we can expect another increase in the fall.

Chatham Mazda from Chatham Voice on Vimeo.

Ontario Power Generation is touting conservation as a way to ease costs by advising users to reduce consumption in peak hours during the day.

Try telling seniors not to use their air conditioners during the day. Tell small businesses – from restaurants to retail outlets – to shut down during the day Monday to Friday.

It’s a bureaucratic solution to a real world problem.

And if we do reduce usage?

Our electrical generation and supply system has such a massive debt and ridiculously high fixed payments to “green energy producers” that reducing our usage will only force an increase in rates to cover the cost.

For this, we paid OPG’s CEO Tom Mitchell $1.71 million last year because we only want the “best and brightest” running the show.

Lousy decisions on coal versus nuclear plants, a gravy train for green energy producers, the hundreds of millions wasted in a potentially illegal closure of gas powered plants in Toronto all contribute to the legacy.

If energy isn’t your thing, you have a few months to get ready for another round of sub-standard winter road maintenance by a government which contracts out the work to firms on the lowest price with no examination of whether said firms have the equipment, personnel or ability to the job.

Once the firms get the contracts, nobody but the auditor general actually checks to see if the work is even being done.

It’s criminal; people die and all the government does is shrug and say it will try to do better.

Shame doesn’t exist for this government.


  1. We are in desperate need of a government revamping these idiots are killing us while they are lining there pockets with our hard earned money lying to us with there bull shit they should all be behind bars especially after that gas plant scandal what a joke wake up Canadians enough is enough


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