Cops kept busy in wake of storm


ck police cruiser 2

On a day when schools were closed, as well as many businesses, and people were urged to not drive unless they had to, police still had a busy day of it responding to knucklehead decisions and mishaps.

Here’s a sampling of what police had to deal with:

  • 10 collisions;
  • eight abandoned vehicles;
  • five calls for police assistance for vehicles that were in the ditch, or for stranded motorists;
  • two traffic hazard issues where vehicles were off the roadway, but still impacting traffic;
  • two traffic complaints, one where a vehicle was in the ditch and another where one blocked a driveway; and
  • one request by municipal staff to have a vehicle towed to facilitate snow removal.

We are still under the snow emergency, meaning parking on all urban streets is banned until Wednesday at 4 p.m.

Police also had to deal with a single-vehicle accident on Kent Bridge road near Ridge Line where a man lost control of his pickup and took out a stop sign.


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