Wake up taxpayers of Chatham-Kent


Sir: As a Chatham-Kent taxpayer, I am irate over Mayor Randy Hope’s continuous trips to China using our hard-earned tax dollars, with multiple promises of attracting new business and jobs to the municipality, which never have, and I believe never will come, during his terms. Prove me wrong Mr. Mayor.

Mr. Hope has done absolutely nothing to bring new business to Chatham-Kent, as he takes his numerous luxurious trips to China and returns with the usual remark: “It takes time.”

I would like to know how much, we, the taxpayers, have spent over his terms to send the mayor and his companions to China on these multiple trips. I bet they do not fly coach or stay or eat in the mediocre places we would all be forced to on our wages.

Could the press in our city or Chatham-Kent council members please provide the taxpayers with the figures so we may be made aware of how much these trips have actually cost us and how much these trips have actually benefited us?

On my second point, and please correct me if I am wrong, didn’t Mr. Victor Boutin, owner of Everlast Group, of the now-halted downtown condo project claim he would not go ahead with the project unless Randy Hope was mayor? Now that the project is going defunct, Mr. Hope decides to spend our tax dollars to once again to China without a word to the taxpayers of Chatham-Kent on his perspective of Mr. Boutin’s actions.

Mr. Hope has used and brainwashed all of his voters using his typical political broken promises.

I never have and never would vote for Mr. Hope.

Wake up, Chatham-Kent.

Duane Des Rosiers  





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