Yield for city buses too

Oct 31 • Letters to the EditorNo Comments on Yield for city buses too

Sir: I was looking out my living room window on a recent morning and noticed as I have countless times before of cars passing a city transit bus while that vehicle is stopped, caution lights flashing, and picking up or dropping off passengers.

There is a yellow “Yield” sign on the back of the bus, but these buses are not equipped with the big, red, “Stop” sign near the driver’s door that one sees on the orange and black school busses.

I have talked to city transit drivers over the years, and my understanding is that traffic should stop and yield to the city bus as much as they have to for regular school buses. If this view is incorrect, I wish someone would find out and possibly correct that problem as there is always the fear that someday there maybe some sort of accident as a result of a vehicle of some sort attempting to pass one of our Chatham Transit busses while loading or unloading passengers.

 Frank Doyle





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