If you build it…?



Calls and e-mails to the Everlast Group over the last two weeks haven’t shed any light on progress of the $50-million Boardwalk on the Thames condominium project at the corner of King and Fifth streets in downtown Chatham.

Media reports from the April 2013 groundbreaking of the 13-storey complex indicated 80% of the 117 units had been sold and the building would be ready for occupancy by April of next year.


  1. I guess Everlast and Hopeless aren't on speaking terms anymore. thought it was kind of strange that they weren't backing "his worship", stating that a vote for randy is a vote for 2 more complete floors by 2018 or something to that effect. like everyone knew at the time, this is turning out to be a catastrophe in the making and yet another one under Hopeless' watch.

  2. ADG Design Media the company I own, provided the renderings you drive by and see at the construction site and on the old YMCA Building, we set up the sales center, completed the interior design for the model unit, marketing, branding and brochures. We have worked with Everlast over the past 4 years and have had NO ISSUES being paid by this Client. We have been paid on time every time.. Everlast in our opinion is a great client to work with.


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