Got fentanyl? The cops do!


police lights

Chatham-Kent police pulled nearly $4,000 worth of fentanyl off the streets yesterday.

Police say a traffic stop – co-ordinated with the intelligence unit, mobile surveillance team and community patrol officers – on Victoria Road led to a search of the vehicle and the discovery of an estimated $3,700 in fentanyl patches.

Fentanyl is a controlled prescription pain medication that is sold in a long-release patch. It is dangerous to smoke it.

A 25-year-old Chatham man faces charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking and two counts of failing to comply with release conditions.


  1. Since this perpetrator is of age, his name should be released. These people need to be exposed and the public warned. Because we all now how the system works, a slap on the wrist and these no gooders are back on the streets selling to our young kids!


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