Young adults can make a difference


Sir: Young people, get out and vote! If you ever want a job in Chatham-Kent, now is the time to get out and vote and get rid of councillors who have done almost nothing about job creation and attracting new companies to fill the many empty factories we have here since the last election!

In the last 20 years, we have lost many factories and jobs in Chatham-Kent with next to nothing being done to improve the situation. Many other cities along Highway 401 are attracting new industries; it is time we have a council that does the job they were elected to do which includes this.

There are many people in Chatham-Kent who want to work, but because the jobs are not here have to revert to social assistance. Many of these people are proud people, and it hurts them very much to have to deal with that department.

It is time to elect a council that will do whatever it takes to get the large number of unemployed people in Chatham-Kent working again, which will cut the welfare load, and the use of our food banks.

Vote for the badly needed changes.

Jack Long





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