Full tax refund, please


Sir: I want my taxes back.

I am a founding member of the Tecumseh Park Neighbourhood Association. When we heard that the BikeFest was moving from there former location, several members and I discussed our concerns with all the Harleys coming to the park, and in the end decided we should give it a try.

In the end, as far as I could see, there was no problem with the bikers – quite a site to see all the shiny machines lined up along William St.

Now why would I want my taxes back? When you own property, there is an understanding that you will be allowed the quiet enjoyment of your land. Well with the noise (some call it music) which began at 10:30 a.m. and continued to 11 p.m. almost non-stop, at such a volume, even after all storm windows and inner windows were shut, it was as if they were in my living room. My living rooms windows were rattling badly, caused by the volume of the bass.

I did go over to the park at 3 p.m. to ask the sound technician to “please turn it down.” He just shook his head – probably because he couldn’t hear me. I am sure the noise could be heard in many parts of the city.

Let’s work together. We have solved this issue in the past. Limit the volume, limit the time the amplified bands can play (suggesting 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.). Or just pay me my $2,500 of property taxes and I will go away on those days like half my neighbourhood did.

David Bondy





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