Online auction to help local crash victim

Jean PIerre Lozon (Facebook image)
Jean Pierre Lozon (Facebook image)

An area family dealing with a tragic accident in Alberta is getting support from the community in the form of an online auction happening Aug 10-15 for Jean Pierre Lozon and his family.

The 19-year-old was involved in a car accident that left him with multiple skull fractures. His mother, Nicole Caron-Mason flew out to be with him in Alberta while the family takes care of Lozon’s four siblings at home. According to family friends, Lozon is facing a long recovery in hospital, and Caron-Mason is waiting for her son to be stable enough to make the trip back to Ontario.

The auction is on Facebook under Prayers for Dan, and is being run by Netanya Harms, who underwent a similar situation with her cousin, Dan, and wants to pay it forward to the Lozon family. Donation items are being accepted up to Aug. 8 and all proceeds will go to the family to help with expenses.




  1. JP did not injure his torso. His injuries are relatively all head. He has suffered multilple basil skull fractures and has cranial nerve damage. His heart was bruised and caused him to be in AFIB for a few days. Thankfully he responded well to the medication the cardiac team put him on. He has a long road of recovery ahead and I as his Mom will be here by his side. He lost his biological father at the age of 5 Now has an amazing step father two step brothers a half brother and sister ( The Mason's ). It's quite a challenge to be do far from home with four kids dying to see their brother. I post on Facebook a social media tool I used to just use for entertainer etc. now it's my gossip reducer and my life line to home. Please continue to pray and fingers crossed we can get back home soon .


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