Hard winter for everyone


Sir: This is a response to the letter by M.E. Galloway in the Chatham Voice of March 6, entitled, “Snow, snow, snow.” Yes, it was quite a challenging winter for a pedestrian and a transit user. I have also walked on the side of the road facing traffic. But I must say I have never been honked at, or seen a finger as M.E. Galloway encountered.

Most times I stood as near to the curb as possible while vehicles pass. Unfortunately, the road has been the only safe place to walk. Some sidewalks here and there have been clear.

But if you start off on one, you find you come across a long distance of ice, so to try and get back on the road, one encounters a snow bank to get over or more ice to negotiate if a cleared driveway is not near.

It’s been hard for motorists. Then don’t forget the bus drivers, all of whom have been so good to try and stop to let you off at a clear spot, as near to the bus stop as possible. It’s been hard to clear every bus stop in town. Many also are never used.

Hang in there, M.E. Galloway! You ask, “where are you, spring?” My answer: around the corner.

Ruth Draper


P.S. There would not be enough late night bus rides to make it pay.


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