Bad weather, bad drinking and driving habits



Chatham-Kent police charged three people with impaired driving over a 10-hour period from Saturday afternoon until early Sunday morning. One of them clipped a city bus, while another threw up while behind the wheel of his car.

The bus incident occurred at 4 p.m. Saturday on McNaughton Avenue East in Chatham. Police say they detected the smell of alcohol on the breath of a driver whose van had hit the bus.

Damage is pegged at $5,000. No one was injured.

Police charged a 52-year-old Harwich man with impaired driving.

Less than five hours later, police stopped a vehicle on Sandy Street in Chatham and again noticed a strong odour of alcohol.

A 27-year-old Raleigh man faces impaired charges.

And at 2 a.m., after receiving reports of a driver vomiting out his car window on King Street in Chatham, officers tracked down the vehicle and charged a 20-year-old Ridgetown man with care and control of a motor vehicle while impaired.




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