No replacement for ‘snail mail,’ reader says


Sir: The higher cost of postage could have an emotional effect as well as a financial crunch.

I became disabled nearly 20 years ago and struggled with ways to fill my days. I began keeping in touch with old friends, and added new friends and family to my roster. Over the years, doing this has brightened my days, and from the feedback I’ve gotten my cards and letters, also made a brighter day for the recipients.

Since I’m on pensions, the raise in postage cost will make me have to slash my usage. I cannot, in good conscience, stop these notes and cards altogether, but it breaks my heart to even think about cutting back.

I read that some feel this increase is “a sign of the times” but e-mail, in my opinion, cannot ever replace personal contact. Let’s do our very best to show we will continue to use “snail mail” in spite of the cost.

Ruth Rivers



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