Leon’s picks up the tree cheque



Unsold Christmas trees from the local Scouts won’t go to waste. Leon’s Chatham will once again pick up the tab on those trees and donate them to families in the community in need, according to the Scouts.

Each year, the Scout troop sets up its tree shop on St. Clair Street north of Oxley Drive to sell to the public throughout the first two and a half weeks of December. The funds raised go towards an annual canoe trip.

Leon’s Chatham and store operator Ken Edwards bought the unsold trees in bulk, and that money will also help fund the canoe trip.

baCK-video-30sec from Chatham Voice on Vimeo.


“It is a double win. We can support youth in the community and their camping activities through supporting the Scouts, and help families that need assistance have a happy Christmas by donating these great trees,” Edwards said in a press release.”

Bill Dodman, of the Scouts, said Leon’s support is appreciated.

“This fundraiser is extremely important to our outdoor canoeing program. Each year we use the funds raised to plan and embark on a weeklong canoeing trip,” he said in a release. “Our programs are designed to ensure all youth can attend these events, and that means a lot of work to raise funds for the trip and the equipment required.”

The Scouts annually travel to the Magnetawan River system in June for this canoe trip for less experienced canoeists. And as the Scouts become more experienced, another trip generally takes place in August on alternative river systems.


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