Fine the sidewalk pedallers to fund bike lanes


Sir: I enjoy all the letters to the editor in The Chatham Voice, but one especially caught my eye – the one from Jeff Wesley in the Oct. 31 edition.

It’s no wonder, Jeff, that bike lanes get little use. Have you thought the reason is that the majority of cyclists are riding on the sidewalks?

If the local law enforcement were to fine them for breaking this bylaw, perhaps then there would be enough money for bike lanes, which would then be really needed, or would be by next spring.

I recently left my home to catch a bus. It was only a 10-minute trip, but in that time, I counted eight bikes being ridden on the sidewalks.

On Queen Street from Park Avenue to King Street, and along William Street, these are very busy corridors and policing the area would help fund some of the bike lanes.

Ruth Draper





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