Water letter bang on, reader says


Sir: I recently saw the letter to the editor in The Chatham Voice, “Recent Water woes indicative of bigger issues.” I have lived in Chatham-Kent most of my life and never have I seen our water look so bad.

It was about five to eight years ago that I remember hearing that the problem was with the “turn around” of the water in the lake and I also remember thinking that it seems strange that our filtration plant can’t take care of this.

This seemed to be happening every year in August, and it takes longer and longer to clear itself.

This time, it has been very scary to see the water so dark as if black coffee was poured into it. This certainly has been a help to the bottled water industry.

In the article, the opinion of the writer may have hit the nail on the head with the problem with our filtration in the tower. I also agree with the writer that perhaps council should stop being so foolish with the taxpayers’ dollars and put it to fixing our water so that this does not happen again.

Beth Reeve



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