Now and Then – Mud Creek Club



Imagine travelling off the beaten path to a private retreat with spectacular marshlands and tree-lined walking trails. Rich, black earth farmland borders a section of the property. Tranquil mornings. Breathtaking sunsets. A winding river and gentle streams weave their paths through the landscape. Birds in flight. And at day’s end, you marvel at the charm of century-old willow trees shading a magnificent pond that serves as your view from the comfort of the property’s graceful lodge.

What I’m describing only begins to touch on the experience of connecting with the natural beauty of a local gem known as the historic Mud Creek Club.

The portion of Chatham-Kent that would become the Mud Creek Club began its existence in 1807 when King George III deeded approximately 2,000 acres on the northeast side of Lake St. Clair near Mitchell’s Bay to the Earl of Selkirk.

The club itself was formed in 1877 as a hunting destination, complete with the charm of a rustic clubhouse for the founding members and guests who travelled from across North America during the hunting and fishing seasons.

During the late 1960s, the old clubhouse was replaced with the current lodge by then-owner Henry Ford II. The new lodge was designed to offer top-notch accommodation while maintaining the warmth and comfort of a countryside retreat.

In the spring of 1977, ownership changed hands when Chatham residents Sileno and Maria Corsini purchased the property from Henry Ford II. Today, their son Carlo and his partners are the proud owners of this incredible lodge and property.

One of the prized legacies of the club is the guest book, which was first introduced in August 1877 as a journal to record the number of fish and birds taken daily by sportsmen. By 1881, the guests themselves began entering personal comments with fond memories of their experience. This tradition continues in the original guest book to this day.

For those interested in viewing a collection of photographs and learning more about the Mud Creek Club, a website has been established which you can visit




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