China excursion coverage appreciated


Sir: I am so glad you reported on China. I do not trust Mayor Randy Hope. I dealt with him when he was MPP for the NDP in Ontario. I thought he was arrogant and I will never vote for the NDP again.

I was truly surprised to find he had been elected Mayor of Chatham. I did not vote for him.

So therefore, I cannot trust what he says when he voices cautious optimism his visits to China will provide jobs in C-K.

Why is Hope is so secretive about refusing disclosure on what he has agreed to with China? Hope says he “respects their culture.” Do the Chinese respect our culture? Are there jobs assured for Canadian workers?

There is no need for all this non-disclosure. Something is afoot here that is not good for Canadians. It really angers me sufficiently to prompt me to write this letter.

Keep up the good work with the Chatham Voice so people will know what is going on.

Freda Zych



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