Stricter dog controls needed


Sir: In regards to the recent articles regarding the dog attack in The Chatham Voice, perhaps it’s time for stricter controls to be leveled against owners who do not have proper care and control of their dogs.

In my neighbourhood, there are a number of walking trails. A lot of people walk their dogs there and for the most part, have control of their pooches.

It always seems there are some people that don’t abide by the dog-control laws, and the result is such as happened in the case with Mr. and Mrs. Coote’s animal.

I don’t know if it has to be a matter that is handled by municipal administration or the OSPCA, but there have been enough attacks or near misses to warrant there being some sort of tighter regulations, if not higher fines and persons who do not control their dogs in our municipality.

I’ve had a few close calls myself, and do not like the idea of becoming a chew toy for one of what some refer to as man’s best friend!

 Frank Doyle



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