Tetelestai – it is finished

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Sir: Like most people, I was reviled and disgusted by serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer’s recent court appearances.

She was, after all, a nurse who was supposed to care for the people she murdered. For somebody like me, rapidly advancing to the age of 80, it presented a certain loss of faith in the province’s long-term care system.

The families of the murdered people need our prayers. So does Wettlaufer.

It’s difficult, I know. I’m sure a lot of people will scoff. But I believe Jesus’ statement from the cross, “It is finished,” meant that the penalty for sin had been paid in full.

The word translated “it is finished” is one word in the Greek: tetelestai. This is a wonderful word. Tetelestai was stamped on receipts to mark them as “paid in full.”

And when a convicted criminal had completed his sentence and was freed from prison, a sign reading “tetelestai” was nailed to the door of his house as a token that he no longer owed a debt to society

Stephen J. Beecroft




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