LETTER: We must remember the positives


Editor: There are good things that happen in Chatham-Kent. The new proposed park area on Bear Line, for instance, on donated land from St. Clair College.

I think though, that the proposed indoor tennis court should also include an indoor pickle ball area, as this sport seems to be growing steadily.

The permanent use of restaurant patios for outdoors, every year during the good weather months is a positive thing.

Continued maintenance of our streets and sidewalks often doesn’t get enough attention.

Protests by our municipality, about the proposed garbage dump near Dresden is a good thing for not just the environment and citizens in that area, but to bring to other bigger cities, that Chatham-Kent is just a convenient place to dump their trash.

The recent zoning of a sobriety house on Joseph Street, so it can continue as a permanent fixture, deserves applause, as does the construction of tiny homes for those homeless who can live by the rules and not be of concern and fear for their neighbours.

Continued use and upkeep of our local arenas is a good thing, especially Chatham’s Memorial Arena, as long as it appears that no one can finance or take on the operation of the long proposed twin-pad arena complex.

Building new homes is important, as long as we can keep existing older homes in our communities from falling into disrepair or abandoned. It makes me sad to say that one of my late grandmothers’ houses in Chatham, where I also once was a boarder when I was younger, appears to have become a victim of such a sad fate.

These are just a few of the things that I can think of that are good things that go on in our municipality, that have the support of our municipal council.

I almost forgot to mention, Retro Fest, Rib Fest, Art in The Park, Canada Day festivities and various parades and other events as such in our municipality that are allowed to go on with support of our municipal council.

Thank you all for making Chatham-Kent a good place to grow, and live in for all to be proud of being a resident!

Frank Doyle



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