Teardown set for Wheatley’s core

(Image courtesy Mark Ribble/Southpoint Sun) Downtown Wheatley after the August 2021 explosion.

A number of structures in Wheatley’s downtown are being prepared for demolition.

According to a municipal press release, nine buildings that remain fenced off are coming down. The addresses include 27 Erie St. N; 29/31 Erie St. N; 37 Erie St. N; 9 Talbot Rd. E.; 11 Talbot Rd. E.; 13 Talbot Rd. E.; 15 Talbot Rd. E.; 17 Talbot Rd. E. and 23 Talbot Rd. E. will be torn down.

Residents can expect to see increased activity in the area for mandatory site meetings over the next few days.

Demolition will begin no later than June 3 and could last for several months, the release said.

The designated buildings were affected in the Wheatley explosion in August 2021.


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