LETTER: Library expansion questions: reader


Editor: I am writing in response to the letter “Library accessibility in question” by Janice Lasell in the Jan. 25 Chatham Voice.

I am not saying I am in disagreement with some of her issues, but she should do her homework before she offers solutions. She wants the library left where it is and expanded for more space.

The present library was built in 1987 and the foundations were put in place for a building of the size they built. It cannot be added onto in height.

The location is bordered on three sides by streets. If the building was to be torn down and replaced, the new footprint to meet current setbacks would be smaller than what is there presently.

The only direction the building could go is to the south. Businesses would have to be bought out, the existing buildings demolished and a new addition built.

The cheaper solution is to renovate the old Sears store and revamp the parking problems.

Bruce Thompson



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