LETTER: Councillors should pay attention to citizens


Editor: Well, I thought I had read it all in The Voice, but more interesting letters to the editor keep coming.

There was an especially good one in the Feb. 1 paper, “Reader criticizes councillors’ behaviour,” from Sheila Martin. She listened to 18 deputations at the Jan. 15 council meeting and said some councillors were looking at cell phones, texting, laughing and talking and whispering.

It was no wonder council passed the motion to buy the Sears building, as they certainly could not have been listening to the voices at the podium against it.

I was at that podium that night for a different reason. I was so busy trying to say all I wanted to – which I didn’t – in five minutes that I really did not notice that some of the council might not have been listening. Maybe that was a good thing. Otherwise I may have stopped right there and said, “You’re not listening to me.”

The whole of your letter, Sheila, was spot on.

But we do have some good councillors.

Ruth Draper



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