LETTER: Stop passing school buses, people!


Editor: I have been a school bus driver now for going on six years. Now that school is back since Sept. 5, I have noticed more people passing school buses no matter what or where they are.

I would like them to realize how dangerous this can be. I had a car pass me on Longwoods Road, which is a two-lane highway, and came very close to another car coming the other way. It really upset me; thank goodness I didn’t have any children on my bus. I just could not help but think about what could have happened. So I hope everyone will read this and think about what could be:
I died today.
You see, I couldn’t be late for my meeting at 8.
I saw the yellow bus with its lights flashing and stop sign out. But I was in such a rush. I knew I could pass that bus.
Before I realized it was too late to put on my brakes.
All I heard was the horn, screams and such, then the crash of metal on metal. The other car stopped, as it should, but I was late for my meeting at 8.
I lost my life today along with the lives I took of a father, mother, brother and sister of people I never met, all because I was running late.
Now I will always be late, never on time, never to be there again. All because I was in such a rush to pass that yellow school bus.
So leave early, never run late. You don’t want to rush and pass a school bus.
Please don’t die today, because you think you are late. Leave early if you have to, just think of the other lives you might save or take.

Brenda Coote



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