OPINION: A hotbed of activity


“There’s nothing to do in Chatham-Kent.”

Who here has not heard that before?

It’s a question that should evoke laughter from those of us who actually pay attention.
Nothing to do where? In what sense? A specific location or area of interest? Time of day?

The comment on lack of activities and interest is especially laughable during the summer months. Plus, more and more business and events are cropping up all the time.

Basically from mid-May through September, there are multiple options of great events and activities for people in Chatham-Kent. For those who take the time to look, it’s more of a matter of having to pick and choose rather than trying to find something to do.

Interested in classic cars? Take your pick of hot spots and hot events, including in Chatham this past weekend with RetroFest, or Blenheim, Mitchell’s Bay, Bothwell, Erieau and Wallaceburg.

Love boats? Wallaceburg’s WAMBO is the place to be.

How about a day at the beach? Try Erieau or Mitchell’s Bay for starters. Or Rose Beach, or Erie Beach or Wheatley or Rondeau.

Live music? Food? Summer delivers outdoor music at so many events, as well as outdoor markets, food festivals.

How about a beverage and a meal with friends on a patio with a scenic view?

Axe throwing?

Golf? Courses abound in our region.

Bicycle routes? In town and along rural routes, the flat land of Chatham-Kent offers excellent bike options. Rondeau Provincial Park is a particularly awesome spot to pedal.

Heritage? We’re rich in Black history, with areas of interest in North Buxton, Chatham and Dresden. The War of 1812 has numerous key points of significance here.

Hunting? Lake St. Clair offers excellent duck hunting options

Fishing? Do we even have to explain?

Arts and culture? We have museums, art galleries, music and theatre venues galore.

Birding? Sit in the backyard and listen. Better yet, throw out some seed and watch. Next thing you’ll know, you’ll be down at Rondeau observing migration routes!

Don’t believe us? Stop in at visitck.ca and learn more.

Furthermore, for those with transportation options, Chatham-Kent is a great base in the sense that if you want to travel to a larger urban centre to experience different festivities and sporting events, London, Windsor and Detroit are not far away. OHL hockey, professional baseball, football and hockey, are all close by, not to mention major concerts.

Nothing to do? Please.



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