Water on the agenda

Potentially toxic black sludge was pulled from the bottom of the pressure tank of the well system belonging to Dover resident Laurier Cartier. The grassroots group Water Wells First is funding testing of the water to determine the levels of heavy metals in the water from Kettle Point black shale that makes up the bedrock under the aquifer. Neither the municipality nor the province has taken water samples despite the concerns of area residents.

Two water-related notice of motions are slated to come before Chatham-Kent council for discussion and voting May 29.

At a recent planning meeting, South Kent Coun. Ryan Doyle announced he is bringing forward a motion on the Aqua City inflatable play park proposed for Erieau beach.

The motion involves approvals on storage facilities for Aqua City on municipal land, profit sharing with the Erieau community, as well as the federal and provincial parameters that must be met.

As well, North Kent Coun. Rhonda Jubenville is bringing forward a motion to encourage the municipality to revisit the water wells issue in Dover and the former Chatham Township, coming on the heels of recent independent well testing that found heavy metals in the sediment that may be bio-accessible to humans and harmful to health.

Numerous property owners maintain that the construction and operation of wind farms in North Kent has fouled their wells, turning the water black, making them unfit to use.

Jubenville is requesting the support of council to press the Ontario Ministry of Health for further sampling of the sediment in affected wells to determine the health effects of heavy metals discovered by independent testing.


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