LETTER: Kent Cobras put on a show


Editor: I recently took my six-year-old grandson, Cole, to watch a Kent Cobra minor under-18 hockey game.

First of all, I encourage people to go and support all local teams. For no entry fee and great hockey – it is awesome to watch this team in competition.

Secondly, this team understands that younger players who have the love of the game are in the stands looking up to them. So when we watched the Cobras play, it was exciting when they won. It was exciting for Cole to get his picture taken with his favourite player. It was exciting for him to get high fives from the players as they went on and off the ice. The best part was when Cole’s favourite player got two goals.

We wish them all the best, especially Cole’s favourite player, No. 55 Harry Oickle.

Carole Crawford



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