Sharing love at the hospice

Staff members demonstrate how two people can easily be accommodated in the Chatham-Kent Hospice’s new cuddle bed.

Palliative care patients at Chatham-Kent Hospice have a new tool that will allow them to cuddle with loved ones at the end of life.

Thanks to a grant from the South Kent Wind Community Fund, and a donor-advised fund in the Chatham Kent Community Foundation, the hospice was able to purchase a new “cuddle bed” for residents.

The bed is a regular size but it can be extended to 48 inches in width and up to 7-feet in length.

Sally Jenkins, manager of clinical operations for the hospice, said the new equipment is a welcome addition.

“We are very excited to have a cuddle bed in house,” Jenkins said in a media release from the Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation, noting the bed will provide more comfort for residents and their families.

Jenkins said it will allow a husband and wife who have been married for years to lay together, or for a grandma or grandpa to be able to have their grandchildren snuggle with them.

The bed can also be used for bariatric patients, making it more comfortable for patients who require a larger bed.


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