Lives lost in December storm


Chatham-Kent’s once-in-a-century snowstorm claimed the lives of an elderly couple in Thamesville.

According to Chatham-Kent police, the pair was discovered outside their home on Christmas Eve.

CKPS Sgt. Lynette Hodder said “weather was a contributing factor” in the deaths and it is unknown why the two were outside.

Both were in their 80s, Hodder said.

No further details of the matter will be released, Hodder explained, out of respect for the couple’s family.

The Dec. 23 storm saw hundreds of holiday travellers stranded in Chatham-Kent with many local residents and businesses opening their doors to strangers.

In the wake of the blinding blizzard, the municipality declared a state of emergency. Highway 40 between Wallaceburg and Chatham was closed, as was Highway 401 between Tilbury and London.


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