LETTER: Issues at the laundromat


Editor: There is arrogance and rudeness at the laundromats which people do not realize occurs. I am speaking based on several months of personal observation and experience.

It does not matter which laundromat I use, the same thing occurs.

Every week the same people go to the laundromat with several baskets full of clothes. These are not different clothes weekly but the exact same load of laundry each time. I have lost count of how many times I have seen the same striped shirt and black shorts.

These people must change clothing every half hour because they have more clothes than famed flamboyant late great pianist Liberance had. He was well known for completely changing clothes after every piece of music he played and never wore the same clothes twice.

I go to the laundromat and use one washer and one dryer compared to those people who use four or more washers and the same number of dryers. I am sure that my clothes are just as clean as those folks who must have four machines of each type even if they only put one or two pieces of clothing in one washer and later dryer.

Some people also have to have a machine to wash the clothes of each member of the family as if someone had leprosy.

Hopefully those arrogant people see themselves in this letter and learn to use fewer machines as they deprive other folks of a washer and dryer and leave the laundromat in a huff.


Wally Schubert



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