LETTER: Where was the respect?


Editor: Bah, humbug! We were barely past Halloween and people were already talking about Christmas!

Many people were eager to think of the festive season, but they have lost sight of a very important segment of our population. They forgot about all the Canadian soldiers who fought, suffered and died for their very freedom in the wars Canada participated in over the last century and a quarter.

They forgot who should be recognized for their freedom in the quest and haste to see colourful lights and hear the Christmas music.

To all those individuals who were forgetful and cannot wait for all I have mentioned above, I say, “Bah, humbug!”

Those forgetful people would not be able to have such a wonderful,  happy time if our soldiers had not bravely endured all the horrors war can be.

I say have a Christmas season but remember those who made it possible. I prepare for Christmas on Dec. 20 and everything is ready for Christmas Eve at that time.

Enjoy Christmas, but remember those who made it possible with their pain and sacrifice.

Wilber Smithson



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