LETTER: Drivers must be more observant


Editor: What has happened to Canadian drivers? We used to be known throughout the world as kind, courteous, safe drivers.

What happened to safe?

Over the last year, I have observed a troubling increase in the number of drivers speeding through not only caution lights, but also red lights.

I’m no angel! I consider myself a fairly aggressive driver. But even I’ve become very watchful of these careless drivers.

I have trained myself to not proceed on a green light until looking both ways.

Did this carelessness happen because the Third Street Bridge was closed? That is about the time it started. We can’t blame it on COVID-19.

Please slow down before some kid on a bike, or an elderly person in a power chair, gets hit at a crossing. One careless slip could change your life and your family’s lives forever.

Rick Nisbet



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