Trevor Aldous, Ward 4/5 Public Trustee


Why are you running to become a trustee?

I would like to help our community and with my mom being a former teacher for 40 years, I know how important it is to have the right support for the local community as a part of the team. There have been so many challenges with COVID, and the students will need to have systems put in place to ensure we are providing them the right level of support to be successful. 

What are the key education issues in C-K?

COVID learning models really challenged all facets of the education system for teachers, parents and especially the students. We need to prepare for the requirements to help support those that did not thrive in such a tumultuous time. 

Another big issue is the bullying that occurs, but this is now compounded with the online world; we need to look at how the schools can be better prepared for this type of bullying and ensure our teachers are able to help those that need it. 

We need to support students with learning disabilities and provide them with direction on how they can be better prepared with the right skills. 

What skills and experience best suit you for this role and what are your goals if elected?

I have been a manager of people for over 18 years and I have also been a process optimization specialist and auditor. 

In my role now, I manage teams across all of Ontario and work to ensure that they are equally represented to provide them with a voice as partners to the business. 

I believe these skills will allow me to do the same for our communities and help to find what will be beneficial to each area and ensure they feel supported and represented fairly. 


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