John Wright, Ward 3


Why are you running?

Community improvement, housing, manufacturing, jobs, social programs, etc.

What are the key issues?

There are several important key issues: lakeshore erosion, community identities with our schools, libraries, clerk offices, arenas, etc. The Wheatley explosion, road diversions, multiple new power lines through farm and residential areas. Accountability for trees, urban and rural, high inflation rate affecting the budget. 

What do you hope to achieve if elected?

See more improvements with roads which have been a major complaint.

See money equally spent across C-K on recreation, social programs, buildings, etc.

Spending done responsibly.

What skills and experience do you bring?

Former councillor for Highgate and councillor for Ward 3 this last term. I have been a business owner at age 18 until present. I now have seven employees. Member of Kiwanis for 24 years (past president), Orford fireman for 22 years, Mason, Shriner, East Kent Committee (past president) member.


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