Ward 6 candidate: Bonny Pigeon


Why are you running?

I want Chatham-Kent to continue to be a great place to live, raise a family and age gracefully.

What are the key issues?

While there are many, two key issues are affordable housing and employment. Homelessness is a result of several factors including lack of affordable housing, unstable work, and rises in mental health concerns and substance abuse.

What do you hope to achieve if elected?

My priorities include accessible mobility, business attraction and retention, mental health and addiction, and affordable housing.

What skills and experience do you bring?

Integrity: I am an extremely honest and respectful person with strong moral principles. I strive to do what I believe to be right.

Intelligence: An avid life-long learner, I completed my hairstyling license requirements while in high school. I hold a BA, Social Development Studies and certificates in Social Welfare, General Social Work and Business Administration. Currently I am learning French.

Open Minded: I will consider new ideas and will carefully listen to and consider other people’s opinions.

Patient: To a fault. I am the most patient person I know.

Experienced: Working with municipal departments, provincial counterparts and volunteer organizations, I have developed a diverse understanding of the needs and strengths of the Communities of Chatham-Kent.

My committee and board experience include C-K and Southwest Region Employment Groups, Local Immigration Partnership, C-K Drug Awareness Council, C-K Chamber of Commerce, Adult Language and Learning and Rotary at the club and District level.

I am the voice of the ordinary citizen. My career has been in service to those most vulnerable. I’m a wife, mother and grandmother. I’m not a business owner, sales person or politician. I am just a concerned and impassioned citizen.


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