LETTER: Gas gouging continues in Chatham


Editor: Could someone explain why Chatham, unlike other towns nearby, has
not had our gas prices go down below $1.73 a litre in eons?

Wallaceburg, Blenheim and London to name a few were recently at $1.67 a litre.

It took forever to get to the &1.73 mark here and then just prior to the long
weekend, boom, an increase of six cents a litre.


I know, everyone hates Trudeau’s carbon tax, but surely we can get some
consistency of prices in the same general area.

If the Conservatives ever want to get back in power in Canada, then maybe
tackling something as a fixed gas price for a period of time – before they can
jump it up six cents at the snap of the finger and then it takes months to get back
to where it was – would be a good start.

This is nothing less than price gouging, especially here in Chatham. It seems no
one wants to do anything about it.

Richard Oulds


  1. It’s not gouging. It’s fair market competition. You see the gas stations in Chatham know that they have a customer base that will use their station regardless of price because distance to the next cheaper station is prohibitive. One station marks their price up and all the others raise theirs to match. CK communities are far enough off the highway that they don’t have to compete against highway prices – people don’t come to Chatham for gas off of the highway either. There is no reason to come to Chatham for anything else like shopping, dining, or entertainment either, so CK is like an island and the businesses conduct themselves so.


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