Work proceeding on APEC 3 in Wheatley

Methane gas bubbles up out of an abandoned well, APEC 3, in downtown Wheatley in this file photo.

Work crews have completed driving a conductor pipe into the bedrock at the APEC 3 site at the northern end of the municipal parking lot in Wheatley.

A 13-inch pipe surrounds the actual well, and material brought to the surface will be used to help determine the nature of the well.

Drilling work is finished, and cementing is scheduled for Thursday.

Work has already been completed on APEC 2 (also known as the Tait Well).

Once APEC 3 is completed, remediation will begin on the APEC 1 well, which is the well closest to the site of the explosion in the downtown that rocked Wheatley last August.

There is still an area of the downtown that is cordoned off to the public, while access was eventually granted to many surrounding buildings in the community’s core.


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