Police efforts lauded

Officers and police civilian staff of the Chatham-Kent Police Service were honoured for teaming up to diffuse a in intense stand off in 2021 at a recent Police Services Board meeting.

Good judgment, communication and collaboration were among the tools Chatham-Kent police used to diffuse an unpredictable weapons call in Shrewsbury on Halloween 2021.

The combined skills of members of the Critical Incident Response Team and emergency 9-1-1 operators have earned a Chief’s Commendation for all involved.

At a recent police services board meeting, Chief Gary Conn acknowledged that the professionalism and collaborative efforts of CKPS staff brought an “extremely stressful situation” to a successful conclusion with no loss of life.

The early morning incident on Raglan Road involved an off-duty police officer who was suicidal. Using his service weapon, the officer threatened to end his own life. He also forcibly held a family member in the residence and subsequently pointed a firearm into the chest of another person.

According to Conn, the man was arrested and taken to hospital for psychiatric treatment. He was later charged with several offences.

Chief Conn praised all members of the team and singled out CIRT team member Const. Brad Hessel for optimizing his position and successfully apprehending the man, thereby bringing the event to a “peaceful” end.

Another Chatham-Kent police officer was also recognized at the meeting for heroism while off duty.

Const. Darcy Lunn earned a Letter of Recognition from Deputy Chief Kirk Earley for coming to the aid of man in distress on July 10, 2021.

Earley said Lunn was on his way home when he noticed the unconscious man on Emma Street and stopped, taking immediate action.

It took five doses of NARCAN to revive the man, with Lunn continuing to preform CPR until paramedics arrived on scene.

According to Earley, the man would have “most certainly succumbed” to the overdose if not for the quick actions demonstrated by Lunn.


  1. What the H are cops doing taking their weapons home???? There is a reason this use to be illegal and STRICTLY AGAINST PROTOCOL / REGULATION.
    Cops cannot be trusted to take their weapons home. It is as simple as that. The mental pathology attracted to and within policing is dangerous. It’s bad enough some of these people carry various weapons while working… London Police S/Sgt Kelly JOHNSON killing Insp Dave LUCIO then herself a few years ago is only one of many MANY examples… Another London cop last year and a Hamilton cop last year killed themselves WITH THEIR SERVICE WEAPONS… Sorry, these people (the personalities attracted to and within policing) were likely not *stable when hired, part of the mental pathology attracted to the job…
    Police Service Boards AND the Chief Administration of these services need to be held culpable when a cop takes their service weapon home and kills themselves or others.


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