Monday police briefs


Drive-Thru, not a Walk-Thru

Just after midnight on Monday, Chatham-Kent police got called to a Park Avenue restaurant where someone tried to walk through the drive-thru to get food.

Police say a female customer refused to leave after she tried to walk around to order food outside the restaurant.

The restaurant advised the female that they do not serve walk-ups at the drive-thru window. The female initially refused to leave and proceeded to attempt to force open the drive-thru window, police say.

Before police could arrive on scene, the female left the restaurant and police were unable to locate her in the surrounding area.

Police would like to remind members of the public to respect businesses and the rules they have in place for customers and employees for their safety.

Moving violations

As the clock struck midnight to begin Monday, a Chatham-Kent police officer witness a driver commit multiple offences, police say.

Police located the vehicle, a white GMC Envoy, the area and observed the driver exit the vehicle and flee into a residence.

The officer approached the residence, and a male eventually exited the residence and identified himself as the accused.

It was learned the accused was suspended from driving for unpaid fines and violations, in addition to previously being released on conditions with a curfew condition to remain inside his residence daily from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.

A 41-year-old Chatham man has been charged with dangerous driving and failing to comply with release order – curfew condition, and has been held in custody pending bail. The accused was also issued two part three notices for the suspend drive violations.

Traffic stop leads to arrest

On Sunday at about 1 p.m., an officer on general patrol initiated a traffic stop in the area of St. Clair Street and Pioneer Line in Chatham.

The officer learned the driver was currently wanted by the OPP.

A 32-year-old Leamington man has been charged with suspend drive and turned over to Essex OPP for bail.


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