Wednesday police briefs


Poo-nut butter?

Talk about a miscommunication.

Some folks thought Tuesday afternoon was apparently turd-tossing time in Wallaceburg.

However, area squirrels beg to differ.

At approximately 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Chatham-Kent police attended the area of Margaret Avenue in Wallaceburg regarding the report of a tenant throwing feces at contractors working on site.

Through investigation, police learned the tenant was throwing bags of peanut butter to feed the squirrels.

A 54-year-old female was cautioned and advised to stop throwing any objects.

Keyed up

Yesterday afternoon, police attended to the area of Sandy’s Street in Chatham in regard to a male and female arguing.

Through investigation, both parties admitted to police the conflict was regarding the possession of the keys to a residence.

Police were able to assist the pair and the keys were left with the one of the parties.


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