Funding to fuel calming spaces


A new calm-centred therapeutic space will soon be created on the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance’s Inpatient Mental Health Unit.

The new space is being made possible through a Chatham Kent Community Foundation donation of $10,000 to the CKHA Foundation.

Design of the new rooms focuses on eliminating outside stimulus to the patient, allowing them an opportunity to recharge.

“This specialized space will help patients reset and feel calm,” said Alan Stevenson, CKHA vice president of mental health and addictions, in a media release. “It offers privacy from other patients and provides a safe space for patients who require a decrease in stimulation.”

Local mental health illnesses have increased in the past few years and have been exacerbated in the last 22 months by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CKHA has recognized a steep upward trend in acuity of mental health patients, highlighted by an increase in high-risk events, with cases becoming more complex.

Chatham Kent Community Foundation executive director Chris Pegg, said the past two years have been challenging making the hospital’s mental health unit revitalization increasingly important.

“The Chatham Kent Community Foundation is proud to support CKHAF’s efforts to help the community get through this difficult time,” Pegg said.


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