Wheatley work continues with vapour probing

Looking down the tube into APEC 3 in Wheatley.

It’s probing time in Wheatley this week, as crews in the downtown core will begin the installation of gas vapour probes in the municipal parking lot behind the site of the explosion on Erie Street.

Two ground water monitoring wells will also be installed in the area.

Last week saw the completion of camera investigation of APECs 1 and 3. Although there was no conclusive evidence as to whether the wells are gas or water in nature, information gathered will be helpful to the technical team to arrange the next steps of the investigation, according to municipal officials.

The municipality hosted a 90-minute virtual public information session on Saturday. The session featured municipal and provincial officials providing updated information and taking part in a question-and-answer period.

Some 600 individuals took part in the session which Is still available for viewing on municipal Facebook and You Tube channels.

The downtown core has been evacuated since late August when a gas explosion ripped through the area.


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