Third well vented to surface in Wheatley

APEC 3, the third well discovered in downtown Wheatley, has been vented to the surface.

Crews have installed a temporary venting system over the third well (APEC 3) in Wheatley, as the deadline looms for applying for housing assistance in the community.

Excavation of is done, with a corrugated tube send deep into the ground to vent the well to the surface.

Air samples taken from that site have been collected for laboratory analysis.

The next phase in the process will be to place cameras in all three of the wells with the aim of learning more about the construction and depth of the wells.

That process is expected to take place by Friday.

Looking down the tube into APEC 3 in Wheatley.

Municipal officials say homeowner access continues in between any investigatory work.

They also remind residents that the deadline for applying for the Provincial Wheatley Residents Assistance Program funded by MMAH (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing) is Jan. 31.

If residents have not yet applied for either the lump-sum payment for emergency expenses or the assistance program for additional housing costs, contact a Wheatley Case Manager by calling 519-351-8573.

Additional Housing costs include temporary and permanent housing options, with funding available down either route.

The last day of January is also the due date for any outstanding paperwork requested by the province in relation to housing assistance applications.

If residents need assistance in applying for the program, contact a Wheatley Case Manager at 519-351-8573 prior to the deadline.

Provincial funding for both these programs ends on March 31.



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