5,300 votes for plow naming contest



The pundits were out in force recently, delivering some great names for a dozen snowplows in Chatham-Kent.

More than 1,000 names were submitted in the contest, and over 5,300 votes were cast.

The winner? Anita Shovel, with 436 votes.

Gordie Plow placed second with 400 votes, followed by Blizzard of Oz, Darth Blader, Pillsbury Plowboy, Sled Zepplin, Buzz Ice-Clear, Qunuk (the Inuit word for snowflake), Flurrious George, School’s Not Cancelled, Snobi One Kenobi and Sleetwood Mac.

WINMAR Property Restoration is paying for the signage for the vehicles, which should be in place early in 2022.

Chatham-Kent Mayor Darrin Canniff said public response to the contest was so great that the number of winners was doubled.

“We had originally planned to have one plow per ward, but when we saw the interest and the level of creativity in submitting names, we decided to double the number of winners,” he said in a media release.



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