Dress to impress when singing anthem


Editor: I was watching the American national anthem being sung on television at a recent World Series of Baseball game by country singer Zac Brown.

To come on to sing his country’s national anthem and dressed in beat-up old blue jeans and a hunting shirt is a disgrace, not just to his country, but to all of those of us who consider us to have ties to rural life!

Where I came from, our father and his family and acquaintances were always expected, and expected me, when not working in a labour position, to wear a dress shirt with a collar, with tie, dress pants and a suit jacket. Likewise, any male in-laws of my parents were expected to do the same at any function involving my parents.

I have also heard this same lament from several businessmen of my age that live in Chatham, that used to point out that all men on business in Chatham were expected to wear a dress shirt with collar, tie, dress pants and jacket.

My how times have changed though, eh?

One would think that at functions where the American or Canadian national anthems are being sung, anywhere, that the singers or musicians would dress respectfully, not like they were out in the field hoeing beans or husking corn. Just my view of things on how I was raised I guess.

Oh yes, my parents were absolutely appalled when I started high school in Chatham, and asked them if I could wear a jean jacket to school like a lot of the other students did then.

Again, a change in generational values I guess?


Frank Doyle






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