OPINION: Sugarcoated placebo?


Bring on Sunday!

We figure most of Chatham-Kent can use a little Halloween.

Let’s focus on our children; hand out candy to the sons and daughters of our friends, neighbours and family; watch them overload on sugar.

Because for too many months now, we’ve all been overloading on COVID-19.

Every tidbit of information, every uptick or downward trend of local, provincial and national numbers garners instant attention.

And it a COVID overdose.

It is honestly fatiguing. Regardless of your beliefs, COVID-19 information flow will tax one’s mind over the course of a week, let alone nearly 20 months now.

We won’t harp on the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers. They are as tired as the rest of us.

What is the most fatiguing is the loss of friends over it all. Pro-vaxxers versus anti-maxxers. The uncomfortable silences when the wrong topic comes up.

Why is everything black or white? There seems to be no grey area.

Again, we will not debate the source of information.

Instead, let us all focus on respect…and candy.

For pro-maskers, will you be walking with a mask on outdoors on Oct. 31 with your children? How about when your kids go to the door trick or treating? Will they have masks on (aside from Halloween masks, that is)?

If someone answers the door without a mask on, will you suddenly tell your children to run away, douse them in hand sanitizer and send them onto the next home?

As for the anti-vaxx, anti-mask, “just the flu” believers, will you shoo away kids who have masks on that come to your door? What if one kid comes to the door with an “I’m with Stupid” shirt on, with the arrow pointing to the kid beside them dressed up as Donald Trump, would you laugh or chastise them?

Turn back the clock 20 months. Politics and sports ruled the polarized minds of the masses.

Maple Leaf fans versus Red Wing lovers. Conservatives versus Liberals.

So, on Halloween, here’s to the hallowed ground on your front porches. Be polite, respect others, and maybe we can take a walk around the block, let our children be children; and reset our closed minds. We can communicate!


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