The rules changed years ago


Editor: Kudos to the letter in the Aug. 19 Chatham Voice from Donna-Jane Pollock inquiring, “When did the rules change?”

This had to do with pedestrians crossing intersections on their illuminated signal. Donna, the rules seem to have been changed for years.

I am a fairly avid walker, and have been to the police authorities a few times over a few years. It seems they even don’t want to know or can’t be bothered.

Before the Third Street Bridge was out, and way back when, to cross either way at Third Street and King Street on that corner, one took their life in their own hands to get across, and it’s right opposite the police station.

So, Donna, it seems if someone gets killed or badly, hurt we might get something done about.

I really believe since COVID-19 some drivers have gotten worse.

I had an issue occur with me more than a month ago. I do believe I had good cause. The media didn’t make it known; even our own local MPP did not follow up on it. His office just said to phone the company and say it’s bad for business with a city like Chatham.

I could get no help on the subject at any of the resources, but hopefully it is now in the hands of the Human Rights Tribunal.

There needs to be something done about people’s actions. Seems the older one gets, the worse it is. It should be the opposite.

Yes, Donna, it seems we have a right to be a little whiner.

Ruth Draper





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