For sale signs on former Navistar site part of the plan


The owners of the former Navistar property said for sale signs erected at points bordering the property are just part of the business plan.

“We’re looking for ideas. We’re not in any panic to sell, but if something really special comes along, lots could be for sale,” said Rob Myers, who, along with Don Tetrault and Mike Vagi, purchased the 88-acre property this year from Navistar.

Crews are still busy breaking up the concrete at the site and the land is still being assessed, Myers added.

“We are right in the middle of an environmental assessment right now, but we have a few pieces clean,” he said. “We have lots of cement busted up already. But it’s a year’s project cleaning the mess up.”

Still, the trio is keeping options open for development. Hence the for-sale signs.

“What we’re really looking for is companies wanting to come in and buy parcels and create jobs,” he said.

In terms of the cleanup process, Myers said the land is as expected.

“We spent a lot of money investigating before we even bought it. There have been no real surprises. We knew what we had to deal with.”


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