Health system problems are historic


Editor: In regard to 2020-21, let’s look back on previous prime ministers of Canada and premiers of Ontario.

Prime ministers: Lester Pearson, Joe Clark, Kim Campbell, Pierre Trudeau, Paul Martin, Jean Chretien, Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, John Turner and Brian Mulroney.

Premiers; Bill Davis, David Peterson, John Robarts, Bob Rae, Frank Miller, Mike Harris, Ernie Eves, Dalton McGuinty, Kathleen Wynne and Doug Ford.

They are in no particular order, but these leaders in my lifetime have been in power and responsible with knowledge of the dissemination of Canada’s health system. These people could not have understood that a possible health issue would arrive at some time which would require a national effort to deal with it

They have all contributed to a health-care breakdown, however, over this time period.

So here we are in a mess that could ruin not only the economy, but Canadian lives.

Shame on them all.

We continue to vote the same old. Then expect the same old. Wake up, Canada, you are asleep.

Hugh Duff





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